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Cupid's Chokehold - Mix by heartsdesire456

1. Knockin' on Heaven's Door- Bob Dylan
2. Lonely- McFly
3. Runnin'- Adam Lambert
4. In The Shadows- The Rasmus
5. Falls On Me- Fuel
6. Love & Death- Tokio Hotel
7. Only One- Yellowcard
8. Coming Home- Elliot Minor
9. Heaven Is Wrapped In Chains- Cinema Bizarre
10.All Roads Lead Home- Golden State
11.Scared To Death- H.I.M.
12.All The Small Things- Blink 182

Can I just start off by saying the mixer titled the mix "Home?" ;________;

And then used cream of mushroom soup for the tracklist? ;___________;

My heart. ;_______________________;

This was really awesome. I loved how it fit into the fic! There were a bunch of songs that I've never heard before. I especially loved Only One and Scared to Death. 

I just got really, really lucky to have such an awesome mixer and artist for my first BBB. ;___________;


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Wait, had you never heard Only One before? 0_o how young are you?!

(lmao, I say this because that song was the main single off the album and it was EVERYWHERE for like... three months or something.)

So glad you liked it! The cover is kinda shitty but I'm glad you like the mushroom soup!

Well, I have this problem where I don't really listen to the radio or watch much TV, so I think I miss out on a lot of cool stuff. Funnily enough, most of the new music I get is from mixes like these! (The same goes for movies and TV shows. I really only find out about them through the internet and then if I'm interested I seek them out!)

I had actual heart eyes when I looked at it. *__________*

Haha, I'm the same way NOW, but at the time Fuse actually showed music. I was a big Fuse watcher back then. Plus it was one of those songs that was on every movie and tv commercial and shit like that, lol. I was just surprised.

Now I feel silly for not knowing, omfg.

But aaahhhh thank you so much again for the awesome mix. ;_____; It's fabulous. *__*

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